Thursday, November 29, 2007

Update from the Programme team

Thanks to those who have posted to the blog over the last few days - if you haven't taken a look for a while, zip through the comments and see the ideas coming forward. Others emailed to us include:
  • hybrid library models - what's the potential, what has worked, what are the learnings?
  • copyright and rights management - what are the myths and what are the facts? What do libraries need to know?
  • making contact with research communities
  • service development using web 2.0
  • maintaining registration - how will it support or change professional development?

Keep blogging....

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SAG said...

Global copyright issues. Yes what are the legalities about publishing a photo from a different country. Can you publish a photo without the subject's consent when you're not sure how to contact them or even if they are still alive. What are the legal implications to publishing without consent?