Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Last night I went to one of the many "where to from here for LIANZA" meetings that have been held around the country. There weren't a lot of people there, but those who were seemed to be passionate about LIANZA conferences and the benefits of attending (little mention of the economic benefit to LIANZA, though!).

This morning I came in to work knowing that I had a varied day in front of me. Some LIANZA Conference stuff to do, next year's budget to draft (it was only due last Friday and as I am in a new job I have no idea of my starting point), a summary report to Council on the latest publication in the Quality of Life project, a Leadership Development Forum meeting, a farewell for the CEO, one of the fantastic North Shore Libraries Foundation author events ... you know the kind of thing. And all the while outside my window there are trees dressed in green and gold - reminding me that I would love to be home in the garden.

However, there are benefits in being at my desk and writing this is one of them. It's my first post to a blog and therefore a step into a new future - just as I hope the 2008 LIANZA Conference will help you (and me) step into a new future. New ideas, new opportunities, and the recognition that though we all change and adapt at different paces, change and adapt we must.

This Conference Committee has about a year less than most conference committees to deliver a conference to you. We have chosen to use the additional focus that shorter time provides to see what we can do differently. Look out for information about the programme framework, the social events, and the sponsorship packages in early 2008 - so the earlier you let us know about your suggestions the more chance you have of them being incorporated.

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