Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Keep them coming

There are some really great comments coming through on the first post telling us what you think Conference 2008 could be about. Don't feel you have to be limited to one comment. The more the merrier as far as we're concerned. You can win something too. Just what you could win will be revealed next week...

We may have been a bit cryptic over just what Poropitia Outside the Box means. We didn't want to influence your thinking but we forgot everyone needs a framework to think in before starting to think outside of that. (Oops.) Therefore the definitions in Define LIANZA 2008 have been updated to include a fuller description of what Poropitia means. We think it's exciting so be sure to head over and take a look. Your comments are also being added into the mix. This will be done regularly so don't expect that page to stay the same.

If you have any other comments but don't want the whole world to see them drop us a line at or email one of the committee direct.


Putiputi said...

Kia ora all,
I just wanted to add my 2 cents that poropiti also means prophetic or prophecy, forecasting into the future which is "outside the box" outside this current time and into another space in time. Add an "a" to the end to form a passive termination, a suffix form and it changes it to read "to be prophetic, forward thinking" and to go beyond the known without reservations (or fear). I find without restrictions (tapu, tikanga)is a little too loose. Te Reo Maori ain't it beautiful I could go on but then thats not the point? Anyway well done! I think it looks really good, beautiful imagery for Poropiti-outside the box. Is this the space we can make requests around the entire programme, events, speakers? etc..

Anonymous said...

Kia ora ano Kris

Ae e tautoko ana tona korero. Ko te reo Maori te korowai o te matauranga. No reira, ka whai tonu tatou i nga mea o te Ao.
I think this is absolutely fantastic Kris, and providing another avenue for people to look at information and discuss options is always good for the soul. I totally agree with Putiputi, in that we could go on forever about the nuances and terms within te reo. And as discussed, it is hard to cater for one and all, but we are not about that as librarians or kaitiaki o nga taonga i tuku iho nei.

poropitia outside the box said...

Ae, this is where you can share what you want from LIANZA Conference 2008.

You can let us know in this comment thread or the thread with the first post or in te reo with the second post (or indeed, in te reo for any of the posts) or you can email us direct.

Like the first post says we can't promise anything but you've got to be in to win right? :)

Fiona said...

Kia ora,

I think the theme, branding, the blog and all the other communication channels you've developed are fantastic - congratulations to everyone on the Conference Committee!

This is more of a practical suggestions that I think will enhance and aid your programme development. What I would really, really, love is for there to be a dedicated computer lab at the Conference. That way the programme can include opportunities for hands on, interactive, workshops on the many and varied online skills that we can, should, and must learn. This sort of hands-on learning will be all the more exciting in the vibrant and fun atmosphere that Poropitia: LIANZA Conference 2008 is showing such early promise of delivering.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on having a vague term for a vague theme.

Pamela said...

Hi there,

For the past couple of years I've enjoyed the LIANZA conferences and I do have a few suggestions Im sure the committee has already picked up on (1)the programme is always full the only problem is i think some time is required between sessions to allow people to grab water or go to the bathroom before the next sessions. (2)At the last Auckland conference the LIANZA Childrens Awards were a real highlight and given the visibility its due, it would be good to see that happen again (3)Suggestion for conference dinner since its at skycity: "Casino Royale" or "Viva Las Vegas" with the theme Poropitia-Outside the Box its about taking a risk, Is it not? Love the theme by the way and poropitia is slowly growing on me. Pamela

Glenda said...

A health libraries component would be great. Something on marketing of small libraries in NGOS.
Also some kind of system for solo practitioners/librarians to come to the dinners and social events where they feel safe. The last conference I came to not one person at the table acknowledged me and after attempting conversation I left.

Anonymous said...

How about something on KAREN by Sam Searle @ VUW

Michael said...

Firstly on a positive note, I like the use of Web2.0 technologies to start a discussion about conference a year before the event. Hopefully you will start a dialogue that will build momentum into the event.

However on a negative note – I really dislike the name - Poropitia. It gives the whole event the smell of elitist I know something you don’t. It certainly doesn’t encourage me to go. Any time you name an event and most of the intended audience doesn’t know what the name means you are going about it the wrong way. I am extremely disappointed.

Vivienne said...

I agree with Glenda, you need to have more content for special libraries, and solo/one person libraries - lately the conferences have been very public library oriented

Adrian Jenkins said...

I'm hoping to get to my first ever LIANZA conference by attending Poropitia in Auckland in November 2008. As an MLIS student who has only been in the industry for just over a year, one area that I would be fascinated to attend a session on is:
What exactly are senior librarians looking for from those of us who are entering the profession?

In addition, I think other great sessions would include:
* Providing council services through public libraries - something that is working very well at Waitakere Library & Information Services
* The aging of the library community - who is going to take over when the large number of librarians who are in their late 50s and 60s now retire?
* Using 'Bebo' and other popular chat sites to positive benefit in libraries.

Overall, I would hope for sessions that can be equally understood by those of us newer in the profession as those of you who have been librarians for many years.

Anonymous said...

Hi there from Michaela O'Donovan

Kia ora koutou
Fascinating reading the comments so far and great to have the opportunity to input into this event. Looking forward to it already.

Poropitia Outside the Box may be an opportunity for the profession to explore these ideas

1. The merits/feasibility/will to hold our conferences with others outside of the Library sector. With the Government Development Goals and sustainable thinking as drivers/prompts, would there be merit in holding cross sector conferences from time to time, instead of conferences which are exclusively in the library and information domain. ie not only talking to ourselves. If we are serious about embedding the profile of libraries and information/knowledge management into the education/government/local government domains, should we be suggesting that LIANZA explores the possibility of cohosting, say (and these won't be right, but you get the picture I hope) DEVCON or ULearn or a conference with the Sustainable Building Council or TEC or SOLGM - in alternate years or one in three? - and then hold a 'for the profession' conference every other year?? I'm reluctant to use the word 'collaboration' any more, but possibly embedding our professionals in our clients' content world and demonstrating the value we add that way might be a fresh approach.
2. 'Exporting our DNA out of the box' (nod to Paul Reynolds for the expression) - I would love to see further practical sessions on successful ways this has been/could be done. ie embedding our content into our customers' normal information- seeking lives, rather than our clients having to find us. I know many of us are thinking around this, eg 'Slam the boards' so it would be good to chew some of these ideas through with colleagues.

3. Would there be any support for more 'bar camp' type slots at conference? ie opportunities for individuals to briefly present their ideas/initiatives to the group and get a 'group think' thing going around development. I've been to a number of these that've been really valuable in finding out what others are working on, where the overlaps are, etc with the added benefit of getting many heads working on particular ideas.

A very long comment! To the conference team, thanks for the opportunity - feel free to disregard if not relevant!

Anonymous said...

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