Thursday, November 8, 2007

What's this all about then?

Kiaora and haere mai.

You're here to find out about LIANZA Conference 2008 aren't you? You're asking yourself "what does Poropitia Outside the Box mean?" We can give you the definitions. They're on the sidebar to the right under "Define LIANZA 2008". But that doesn't really tell you what you're going to get out of it. That doesn't actually tell you why you should come or who else is going to be there or what difference it's going to make to your workplace or to your staff or to your self.

Well, it's in Auckland. And it's Poropitia Outside the Box so guess what - we want you to tell us about Conference 2008. Oh, we have our ideas and plans; we're not just floundering around in the dark. Of course we can't promise anything's your conference too. As an incentive, we'll be giving away some fabulous things. All you have to do is comment by the end of November. Winners announced December 3.

What does Poropitia Outside the Box mean to you?


Bookman said...

Working with our Community we have recently been working with Settlement Support Council and Libraries (us) to produce a new comers brochure for people new to the district, which outlines
Council facilities includig rubbish day, Recycling Day, where you can pay rates etc, and facilities the Council offers including Libraries Pools parks etc. It includes Govt dept, and sport clubs and hobbie groups in the district. It has essential services, how health care works and doctors & healthcare facilities available, all in one easy booklet. Joointly funded and co-ordinated by Libraries and Council.

Also working with Booksellers and publishers for sponsorship etc

Kim Salamonson
Havelock North Library

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great to have an open library nationwide where holiday makers could borrow from one library and return to the next one they visit a bit like Interloan without the hassle of ordering in the book; just letting the borrowers see and select. It would be a sign of user friendly service and cooperation among libraries. I know trust and honesty would be important factors and certain "precious" items may need to be excluded, but I'm trying to think outside the box and promote library usage.

Susan said...


Can you explain what 'Poropitia' means in this context? I'd like a bit more info about the Maori name.

AngelZ01 said...

Tena koutou katoa

As has been asked recently, I thought that I would shed some light on the concept of Poropitia as the conference theme.

Poropitia is about the concept of being a never ending circle, therefore, it has no beginning and no end, hence free from restrictions.

In a way, conveying the sense of entering into the realm of possibilities and ideas.

No reira, kia pai o koutou ra

Corin Haines said...

Congratulations LIANZA 2008 committee for using a wide range of Web 2.0 technologies. A blog, Flickr, Facebook and MySpace so far.... Maybe there are more??? I am looking forward to see what the programme looks like and what other interesting approaches you guys manage to "cook" up.

Greg Morgan said...

Hi on behalf of the programme subcommittee. We're really keen to hear ideas for programme content and for fresh methods of presentation that will engage the interest of conference attendees. What kinds of sessions would draw you to Poropitia? What would energise the conference for you? And yes, it's an invitation to be creative. We're getting lots of input on subject areas to the side of the core library stuff. Do you have some ideas on topics to the side? Is there even some conventional stuff it's time to take a new look at?

Anonymous said...

If I understand this right, you just made up a word. Very Alice in Wonderland, but it's not exactly conducive to informing people. It seems daft to me. Aren't there any Maori words, phrases or sayings that would convey the 'outside the box' theme without having to invent words?

Anonymous said...

I really love the concept of "poropitia" but it's a shame that LIANZA has chosen a word that needs so much explaining. I think it makes the conference that much more inaccessible. How can people outside our profession engage with the conference if even we need explanations?

Unfortunately it reminds me of all the other words librarians use that need explanation and that alienate people in the process (my personal favourite is "charged").

Putiputi said...

Kia ora all,
Poropitia is not a new Maori word or concept its ancient; its just new to you all. In fact, it has a 101 interpretations and is an accessible word to students and masters of Te Reo Maori. You can read more of my comments under the "keep it coming post". Thats what i love about this forum, anything is open to interpretation and we can share our whakaaro(thoughts and ideas). Ka kite ano:)

Anonymous said...

I'd like the conference to look at some readers advisory opportunities. Think lots of our libraries could do better in this area, learning from each other and overseas.

Greg Morgan said...

Passing on thoughts received by email:
"I would like to see a session on the programme pertaining to recruitment and retention of staff particularly when looking at the differences between Gen X, Gen Y and baby boomers.

I think areas not strictly relating to libraries have a place."


AngelZ01 said...

Kia ora ano koutou

I think that this discussion has been absolutely fantastic, and if you are still looking for the obvious within dictionaries then think again. As indicated the whole kaupapa is about looking for more and using many different arenas to find what is happening. I love the comments about the use of translations etc, but like all te reo Maori, these are based on concepts, and each has to be explained if we are able to provide some form of meaning.
The main idea so far has succeeded in providing an avenue for people to discuss and search for meanings and ideas that are currently outside of their scope. Well done everybody.
Greg in relation to the programme, having an opportunity to actually move around the rest of the Sky Tower and Sky City would be great to use the facility/venue a lot more. Also, a bit of exercise or dance, waiata sessions might also be great too.

Anonymous said...

What about a console demo - Ps2/Ps3 Wi etc?

Anonymous said...

Firstly on a positive note, I like the use of Web2.0 technologies to start a discussion about conference a year before the event. Hopefully you will start a dialogue that will build momentum into the event.

However on a negative note – I really dislike the name - Poropitia. It gives the whole event the smell of elitist I know something you don’t. It certainly doesn’t encourage me to go. Any time you name an event and most of the intended audience doesn’t know what the name means you are going about it the wrong way. I am extremely disappointed.

poropitia outside the box said...

To Anon - 28/11 9:28
thank you for taking the time to comment and let us know how you feel. we certainly didn't set out to be elitist when we were choosing the conference theme/name. It just seemed to work really well "Poropitia Outside the Box" - the concept that we have to start with what we know and then make a leap to something that we don't know or that is new, in a constant cycle of development and evolution. this discussion has certainly made me think about library jargon - what I understand could be clear as mud to someone else (and about as useful.)
Please don't let the name put you off. The programme promises to be really interesting and isn't that more important than what the name is?