Thursday, October 23, 2008

What's left to say when the conference is finally so close? Everything is organised, the budget is on track, the team is still enjoying working together...... so I thought I'd share a quote I found a few weeks ago.

It's from Peter Temple's Bad debts and goes: "It's nice that there's a special occupation for the anal retentive. It's called librarianship." And it goes on to describe a fictional experience in the Age library in Melbourne. Yeah, yeah, I know ... stereotyping; just remember there are lots of equally unflattering quotes about other professions in lots of other books (and some in this one).

I recall one about architects in a novel a friend brought me back from the USA some years back. Part of the story was set in a library and had the librarian saying "Never trust an architect - they will always give you an atrium." Perhaps only a librarian working on a building project that involved an atrium (and a leaky roof) could really appreciate that one!

I enjoy the comparison between the stereotype and the reality - and I know that what we'll be enjoying in Auckland in the first week of November will the reality (or realities) of libraries and librarians and the challenges and opportunities they face.

Have a great Labour Weekend. I look forward to catching up with at least some of the more than 600 registrants at Poropitia Outside the Box.



Peter Temple said...

I regret that comment. (That one and the one about people being sentenced to live in Ballarat.) Forgive me. PT

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of help writing a book called 'Library Babylon'.
Possible tv series to be spun off that one.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Surely nobody knows what it's like to be a librarian than those who actually ARE librarians.

Those who would like to contribute, please contact Librarians Anonymous. You know who you are ;-)

Beverly Fletcher said...

Hi Peter - don't regret your comment; I laughed like a drain when I read it. It would be a sad world if people couldn't cope with a fictional character saying something that fits the storyline and the character.

Keep up the writing - I really enjoy your books.