Monday, October 20, 2008

McCrindle keynote

Calling school and tertiary librarians, and all libraries ... serving older people, younger people. What are the trends?

Mark McCrindle's keynote:
Changing Times, Emerging Trends- Understanding Today’s Learners

The future of education is shaped not just by the technological changes but also by the sociological changes. Indeed an understanding of the learning styles, attitudes, and expectations of the 21st Century students is critical to effectively educate today’s learners. This session will outline the changes impacting upon this global generation.
Key issues:
- From Boomers and Xers, to Generations Y & Z: understanding the changes in the NZ demographics, characteristics, and aspirations.
- The big social & demographic shifts redefining 21st Century New Zealand.
- Understanding the attitudes & values of today’s students.
- Strategies to communicate & connect with the emerging generations.
- The impacts of an ageing population & changing social structures.


AGL said...

hmm I don't know about this 'gen xers' and gen yers and gen zers' thing. Wouldn't it be easier to categorise people by the year they were born like the chinese do eg Monkeys, Roosters, Tigers etc.

I was born in 1980 so I have no idea what the hell I am meant to be.

pororpitia outside the box said...

Technically, being born in 1980 makes you a Gen Y-er. Of course, just because you were born then doesn't mean that you think, feel, act like the rest of your peers and you may have more in common with your chinese year (monkey?) colleagues.

'Monkey people' doesn't really trip off the tongue quite as well as Gen-Y does though and I can see it going down really badly at the pub...