Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Poropitia Masquerade event!

The big Tuesday night event is going to be a little different...

1. Wear what you like, but be masked, gorgeous and mysterious in your finest ball frock or you may come elegantly casual. There will be food and dancing as well as lots of talking so it might be best to stay away from the full face Venetian-style type mask. Think 'feathery'. Think 'fascinating'. Think ‘mask that you hold’ (if you want to be only mildly mysterious).

2. There will be relaxed seating and leaners but no formal dining tables. Everyone who's ever been to a LIANZA conference dinner knows that as soon as the music starts up there is hardly anyone left at the table. This year we're ditching the tables. You will be able to mix and mingle or lounge around on ottomans and couches and for those who prefer to stand, bar-leaner style tables will be on hand. Food and drink will be tray served and also available from food stations and the bar. Think 'extended cocktail party' with plenty of food and drink and entertainment.

3. The entertainment. There will be a couple of surprises throughout the night but the main dance band is ‘Betty-Anne Monga and Friends’. A five piece band with live musicians and a set list of songs with a mellow groove through to up-tempo-hit-the-dance-floor numbers, but…

4. You don't always have to listen to the music. There always comes a time during any party, no matter how exciting, when a bit of peace and quiet is just the ticket. We're providing a chill-out zone outside the main area in the promenade. Congregate out here for important business discussions or catch-up time with colleagues.

5. After party. After half past midnight or so you may want to party on in SkyCity Bar 3, open till 1.30am and afterwards perhaps check out the viaduct?

Poropitia Masquerade Ball
Date: Tuesday 4 November

Time: 1900-2400hrs
1900-1930-Pre-Dinner drinks
1930-2000-MC and Entertainment
2000-2100-Food stations begin
2045-Band begins-3 sets throughout the night or relax in the promenade chill-out zone
2130 Dessert station begins
1200 Midnight surprise
Venue: New Zealand Room, SkyCity Convention Centre
Tickets: $100


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Alison Wallbutton said...

Have you had much feedback about the changes to the dinner? Personally I've always found the tables a useful home base for bags, cameras, drinks of water etc. Also its been nice in the past to sit down and be served dinner before getting down on the dance floor ... Sure lots of folk get up and dance but plenty of people also like to stay sitting at their table or move from table to table. Will be interesting to see how it turns out!

Aging but Mysterious Masquerader said...

I fear I must be getting old!
I do like to sit down for my lavish dinner at conference (served directly to my seat) - chat civilly to my neighbour, imbibe some wine - and then get onto that dance floor!
It's lovely to be able to come back & sit briefly at the table though - have a quick rest, quick drink (water & wine - separately of course), grab something out of my handbag (stored neatly under the table by my chair) and then get back into the dancing.

Kim Taunga said...

Hi Alison and ABMM
Thanks for your comments. I too feel aging/aged?! as I have been to many many conference dinners and was last responsible for the one in 1999 when we brought formal tables back as for a few years before that we had various versions of buffets really. Since 1999 we have pretty much had the same format so we just thought we'd change it this year and see how it goes! I agree having a home base for handbags, cellphones, cameras, lippy, is useful and we will have a coat/bag check to help with that. There are also couches ottomans and bar leaners as well as a zone outside the main dance area to chat in relative quiet. The feedback has been 50/50 really as some people thought the tables were cliquey and they sat on tables they didn't want to be at and we also had definite requests for a place to sit and talk without having to 'yell' so, within the constraints of the venue we have tried to do that too. So, yes, it will indeed be interesting and we did have a lot of debate before finally deciding to do it like this but I do hope everyone has a good time and of course Christchurch (2009) will be able to learn from our endeavours. See you at conference!

Masked, fascinating but not thin... said...

The one good thing about not having a seat is that I wont bust outta my frock!, although I will end up carrying my Jimmy Choos (oh, I mean No 1 Shoe Warehouse's)by the end of the night...

librarykris said...


I'm exactly the same - best to stand up so dress looks fab but heels not that comfy so will be barrefoot by the end of it all :)

Corin said...

Personally I like the idea of something different, so am looking forward to see how it all works. Should be a fun night all round.

Time to dust off the glad rags!!!