Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mark McCrindle

Mark McCrindle will be giving a keynote on Monday 3 November and a workshop-type presentation the following day. Here is the workshop outline:

Today’s students - Generations Y & Z - are not only growing up in fast-changing times, but they have different characteristics, values, and priorities from those of us who manage and provide information services. Based on the latest Australasian research Mark will provide us with a better understanding of the students and new graduates who are or are not our customers, and give us a glimpse into their future. He will give insights into the motivations and learning modalities of today’s students, and equip librarians and educators with strategies to connect with this multi-modal generation.

This practical workshop is designed to equip librarians, teachers and others with tools to engage effectively with these new generations. The workshop will appeal to school, public, or tertiary librarians, or to special libraries that are used by young graduates.

From young people’s use of technology to creating the right learning environment: see what works best today.

Key issues:
  • Multimodal communication: reaching the 3 learning channels.
  • The classroom of 2020: what teachers need to know.
  • Maximising retention: dealing with declining attention spans.
  • Motivating & involving today’s learners.
  • Flexible delivery: integrating new technology with these new students.
  • Meeting the workplace needs & expectations of the Generation Y.
  • Communicating with the ever-changing learner.
  • Customer service today: dealing with the expectation inflation.

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