Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Do not adjust your set"

There have been a few programme changes since the first release of the programme. Some presenters' circumstances have changed and so a few adjustments to times and paper offerings have been necessary.

Note that there will now be a chance for people who haven't had much experience of AnyQuestions to see the service in action. This will include a hands-on try out of ManyAnswers. And there's a session on the te reo version of AQ, UiaNgaPatai. These will be great intros for librarians who have heard a bit about AQ but would like a guided look and questions time, and for those who think they should be promoting the service a bit more.

To fit in with the visit of Professor Lawrence Lessig there's an expanded session on open access to information, including the Creative Commons initiative. Kathy Sheat and Clive Lansink will be giving adjacent presentations on copyright, present and future.

See there's a session on unconferences. It will inspire you to "unconference" all around the conference programme.

The SkyTower dawn tour is filling up fast - register and indicate your interest if you are keen to join it. Other tours and visits will be put into the programme within a day or two. Visits are being offered to Auckland city central library, the business information commons at the The University of Auckland, the NZ National Maritime Museum and the Auckland War Memorial Museum, Maori TV, AUT library, and a corporate law library (Russell McVeagh).

Remember that this conference is designed to give you plenty of networking time and lots of opportunities to have quality conversations with exhibitors. Plan ahead and book in those conversations with the people you want to talk to. The venue is an easy one to get around and so we won't have to spend ages walking about and finding the wrong room.

We are urging presenters to allow plenty of space for audience participation. Be ready to ask, comment, question, debate.

Cheers for now - happy earlybird registering.

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