Friday, March 14, 2008

Global generations: turning understanding into action

Mark McCrindle, keynote

Mark McCrindle MA, BSc. (Psychology), QPMR trained as a psychologist, and is now an accredited Qualified Practising Market Researcher. His highly regarded research and reports into the changing times, trends and emerging global generations have built his reputation as a futurist, demographer and social commentator.

Mark is the Director of McCrindle Research, which counts amongst its clients over 50 multinational organisations and 100 of Australia’s largest corporations. Recent clients include: Deutsche Bank, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Westpac, CGU Suncorp, ANZ, Merrill Lynch, Jetset Travelworld, Salvation Army, Singleton Council, Health Care Providers NZ, Mitchell Communications, Austereo, Marriott International.

Mark is renowned for his engaging presentations as a keynote speaker and in workshops, covering topics such as changing times, changing trends; analysing the emerging issues that will shape the future; from Boomers & Xers to Generation Y & Z; engaging with today's students (a post-literate, multi-modal, tech-savvy generation); marketing to the "new generation," recruiting, training and retaining diverse generations; leadership and communication in and for the 21st century....

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Anonymous said...

5 keynotes announced - not one librarian!

We need to hear from visionaries in Librarianship!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually I am very comfortable with there not being librarians as keynotes. Surely it is about the relevance and quality of the keynote that we should be concerned. Fresh ideas from outside the profession are always welcome.

Anonymous said...

I agree with second comment - fresh ideas outside the library "world" to inspire us - surely that's also in line with the conference theme too: Poropitia outside the box.

Anonymous said...

A recent article in Harvard Business Review encourages us to rethink thinking inside the box.

Breakthrough Thinking from Inside the Box. By: Coyne, Kevin P.; Clifford, Patricia Gorman; Dye, Renée. Harvard Business Review, Dec2007, Vol. 85 Issue 12, p70-78.

So leaders from inside the Library world who can challenge our assumptions and present ways of working are needed. Indeed it is an indication of our professions sorry state that we think we cannot think inside our box - or even find fresh thinking from inside our world.