Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Calling all abstracts

Visit the abstracts page at the conference website to find out about the abstracts submission process for the 2008 LIANZA conference. The programme team is keen to receive abstracts on a wide range of topics and from presenters who can think of innovative ways to engage an audience. And so session times have been increased to allow an unhurried presentation and more space for questions and discussion.

There is a choice of format types: oral presentations, workshops, panel discussions, and hands-on computer sessions. Intending presenters are asked to state their primary audience and broad topic areas. This is to help conference goers make good choices about the sessions they attend.

Poropitia - Outside the box is a conference at which both the content and how it's presented should deliver something beyond the obvious. Submissions are due on 2 May. The abstract review and selection process will take place during May-June. Successful authors will be notified by the end of June. The review team will then read the full papers so that presenters receive feedback and advice before the conference itself.

Give it a think!

  • Do you want to present? Know someone who should? Nudge them into action.
  • A topic you want to learn more about? Keep visiting the blog and add comments so that you are helping to shape the conference programme.

Ideas for presentations, workshops, panel discussions - some of these have been blogged before, others have been mentioned recently. These are topics people want to hear about.

  • The social context: libraries and legal compliance ... accessing and using legal information. Official information. Public Records legislation. What do we need to know and why?
    Online social networking and collaboration: how's it being used at work (and maybe for work).
  • Getting the best out of the relationship with the IT team: what across-team approaches maximise our effectiveness?
  • Training >> learning and development. What are the trends? Where are the gaps? What does the research tell us?
  • Knowledge management: alive and well? dead? dying? Someone want to arrange a panel discussion with audience involvement?
  • Blogs, wikis, et al. and e-citizenship. What's the scope?
  • Marketing - internally, to your manager ... to the executive. What works? Why?
  • Writing to impress. Telling your library's story succinctly and complellingly.
  • Libraries contributing to community outcomes. What are the challenges for measuring success?
  • Story times: what have you tried and evaluated for success? Library-parent relationships.
  • Your experience of working outside the sector or overseas ... what are the learnings others need to hear?

Do plan for a full-on conference: 3.5 days from Sunday 2 - Wednesday 5 November. More details over the next week or so will convince you that Poropitia-in-full is where you'll want to be.


Kaye said...

Good luck for an outstanding programme, Greg! I look forward to it being fleshed out even more. If I have any inspirations for speakers I'll be in touch.

Greg Morgan said...

Thanks Kaye. Thanks for taking time to comment. And those inspirations can lead you to approach potential speakers directly: convince 'em to submit an idea.