Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Programme team update

In the past few weeks we've received a number of emails from overseas: would-be presenters who are pondering a trip to NZ to coincide with the 2008 LIANZA Conference. Interest among Kiwis is keen, too - indications are that we'll receive a huge number of abstracts.

The programme team is on track to release the call for abstracts in early March - so watch all the usual channels: the conference website, this blog, the listservs etc.

This year there'll be a range of presentation options. Intending presenters might think about interactive sessions that engage audiences and invite their participation. We'll be looking for content that will deliver new and challenging ideas - and creative styles of presentation that are sure to delight and inspire us.

What'll be on our minds in November? It will be around about election time. And the American presidential race will be hitting screens all over the world. Melbourne Cup day occurs during conference. Conference ends on November 5th: will the fireworks start early? (Actually, if you are visiting Auckland you might want to stay that additional night and take in the Sky Tower's annual display.)

Conference sessions will be 45 or 60 minutes to allow plenty of time for presentation, questions, and follow up discussion. The venue is easy to get around and so travelling between sessions and activities will be quick. Good timekeeping will be a breeze. Breaks will be generously timed to allow heaps of space for networking, meetings, visiting exhibitions, and visits to libraries and other venues.

We're finalising discussions with keynotes and should be able to release names by the time the call for abstracts goes out.


Lynne said...

I am thrilled to see that sessions will be at least 45 -60 minutes long, it is so frustrating not to be able to have a good question and answer session afte a presentation or have to leave one early to race to another session. I hope there is a little time allowed for attendees to move between session.

WOW fireworks too end the conference always great to end with a Big Bang LOL

kowhai reader said...

This all sounds really cool and with conference being so handy, hopefully I can get away to attend. Please make if affordable (in case I don't draw one of the long straws if my library wants to send someone).
Stuff on my wishlist as I have never been to a Library conference before include ensuring there is something for the first timers and for the junior members for staff as well as management, a bloggers session, storytelling for young and old, working with teens and how to get effective and useful public (customer) feedback.

Amanda Hawkes said...

I attended the Webstock conference a couple of weeks ago, and one speaker who really resonated with me was Peter Morville, who talked about information architecture and ambient findability (not as bizarre as it sounds!). He would be a fantastic speaker to get on the programme, and also a former librarian :) ( www.findability.org/ )

poropitia outside the box said...

Thanks for the comments.
Lynne - great to get that feedback. The Programme team went through several version of the schedule - I think it looks nice and open. Plenty of time for moving and networking. :)
kowhai reader - is there any scope to add conference into a personal (work) development plan? that should help your case.
Amanda - It sounds very interesting and I love the phrase "ambient findability "