Monday, February 4, 2008

The Conference Committee had a hectic start last year with weekly meetings of the full committee plus additional meetings of all the subcommittees. We have now got the programme structure outlined, an agreed budget, a draft social plan, and a tentative list of keynote speakers. And no, we can't yet tell you about the potential keynotes - we are making contact and waiting to see if the people are available and interested.

The full committee is now meeting monthly - in part to allow the Programme, Social and Sponsorship Committees time to get their crucial work done.

We've had lots of feedback from previous conferences to consider - and lots of suggestions about how other industry or special event conferences have been done. I'm wondering if there is a conference industry rule of thumb about how many conference particpants you can expect to please? If we provide the challenges to you that we hope to, it probably won't be everyone!

Keep an eye on the blog - it will be the place that new information about the conference will be released first.

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Deborah Fitchett said...

There must be some way to tweak the 80/20 rule for this situation. Um, you can please 80% of the people 20% of the time? 80% of the coolest sessions clash (with a 20% margin of error)? 20% of the vendors have 80% of the goodies?