Friday, July 25, 2008

LIANZA Conference 2008 Programme now online

The Conference Programme is now online as part of the Registration Brochure but can also be downloaded as a separate document here

Find information about registering

There’s a wide range of topics – services, copyright, ICT, readers advisory, special libraries, matauranga Maori, history, SIG meetings, supplier relationships, maps and more. One of the new formats is an interactive computer session. This is limited to 20 people so you’ll have to be quick to sign up.

See you in Auckland in November.


Mike Riversdale said...

Can I ask why the programme (essentially a calendar of events) is in a PDF - not exactly useful in that form. How about using iCal (via Google Calendar, for instance) and then people can subscribe to the calendar and have it show up in their own calendar client.

Example is the upcomming Intranet Conference - their (unofficial) Google Calendar - click 'Agenda' tab, top-right for full beenfit)

Deborah Fitchett said...

Official Poropitia lolcat - free spirit kitteh thinks outside teh box?

Mike Riversdale said...

;-) nice

poropitia outside the box said...

Mike - I'll pass that onto the Programme team. Google calendar coming right up...
Deborah - hahahahaha!