Friday, May 30, 2008

What makes a good vendor stand? When you get back to the day job what stands out in your mind about the displays, the way the vendors communicated, the information available, etc. Building on a vendor suggestion, we are proposing a "best stand" award at this year's conference and we need you to tell us what the assessment criteria will be.

All suggestions to the blog, please.

We'll be asking the you to do the judging too. After all, you are the customers so your perceptions are paramount.

And perhaps any vendors reading this blog would like to tell us what the prize for the best stand should be.

Now for some news a number of you have been waiting for: conference registrations will be opening in mid-June; the LIANZA Council has just signed off on the registration charges and you'll be pleased to see they are not significantly different from last year. We're certainly pleased with the calibre and range of abstracts that have been submitted (and with the draft social programme).


Deborah Fitchett said...

Everyone likes giveaways. :-)

But more seriously, interactivity is always good - especially if the stand is promoting a product, it's good to have an actual example of the product there to handle/play with. If it's a database, then having the database working is much preferable to saying "It's not quite up and running yet, but when it is it will have..."

Documentation - properly printed brochures look much more attractive than a few sheets of A4 black and white stapled in one corner.

Anonymous said...

A live person to talk to. I can't be bothered with unmanned stands. If you're a sole charge vendor and need to leave your stand at least put up a sign indicating when you'll be back!
I always visit the stands of our current vendors. But I'm also interested in new stuff so I like vendors who show an interest in me and my library and can tell me why I should consider their product or how I can adapt it to suit my library. Quality handouts/brochures that I can take away and peruse later. We all like freebie gifts and the chance to enter prize draws is fun too!