Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tips on good presentations

I know there are many of you out there who would love to present at conference. You have the ideas! You have the passion! You're just not sure about the actual presentation. I'm much like that myself. Give me a coffee and a comfy seat and I'll go on and on for hours. Unfortunately that skill is no use in a presentation situation. "Stand up? In front of people and talk to them? You have got to be kidding!" is my usual reaction.

With that in mind I started trawling round the internet looking for tips on giving good presentations.

5 ways great speakers connect with their audience from Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist
"The art of public speaking is actually the art of connecting." Five tips to help presenters connect with the audience.

Death by PowerPoint (and how to fight it) from Alexei Kapterev via SlideShare
"How to make a presentation and not to bore your audience to death." It's not just about using PowerPoint. There are some great tips on structuring a presentation. (Warning, could be a slow watch on dial-up.)

Presentation Tips from Garr Reynolds
"Organization & Preparation Tips", "Delivery Tips" and "Slide Tips".

Really Bad PowerPoint from Seth's Blog
"Communication is about getting others to adopt your point of view, to help them understand why you’re excited (or sad, or optimistic or whatever else you are.)" Includes "Four Components To A Great Presentation".

Talk Good: Giving Effective Presentations from Peter Bromberg via Library Garden
A list of resources that "...speak for themselves."

Are you inspired to give it a go? Abstract submissions close Friday May 2.

(And of course there will be some great books at your local library!)


Deborah Fitchett said...

Your first link to "5 ways..." is broken - it should be here.

I recently discovered and very much enjoyed Dodging Bullets in Presentations by Rowan Manahan on Slideshare.

Peter Bromberg said...

Thanks for the link love :-)

poropitia said...

Deborah - thanks for the fix! I'll make the adjustment.

Peter - yr welcome. it's a great list, how could I not add it?